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Select Blood-Brain Barrier Publications

Blood-brain barrier dysfunction in aging induces hyper-activation of TGF-beta signaling and chronic yet reversible neural dysfunction. (2019) Science Translational Medicine. Senatorov, V. V., Friedman, A. R., Milikovsky, D. Z., Ofer, J., Saar-Ashkenazy, R., Charbash, A., … Kaufer, D.

Paroxysmal slow cortical activity in Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy is associated with blood-brain barrier dysfunction. (2019) Science Translational Medicine. Milikovsky, D. Z., Ofer, J., Senatorov, V. V., Friedman, A. R., Sheintuch, L., Elazari, N., ... Kaufer, D., Friedman, A.

Concussion, Microvascular Injury, and Phosphorylated Tauopathy in Young Athletes after Impact Head Injury and an Impact Concussion Mouse Model. (2018) BRAIN. Tagge CA, Fisher AM, Minaeva OV et al.....Goldstein L.

TGFβ signaling is associated with changes in inflammatory gene expression and perineuronal net degradation around inhibitory neurons following various neurological insults. (2017) Scientific Reports. Kim, S. Y., Senatorov, V. V., Morrissey, C. S., Lippmann, K., Vazquez, O., Milikovsky, D. Z., … Kaufer, D.

A potential role for glia-derived extracellular matrix remodeling in postinjury epilepsy. (2016) Journal of Neuroscience Research. Kim, S. Y., Porter, B. E., Friedman, A., & Kaufer, D.

Albumin induces excitatory synaptogenesis through astrocytic TGF-β/ALK5 signaling in a model of acquired epilepsy following blood-brain barrier dysfunction. (2015) Neurobiology of Disease. Weissberg, I., Wood, L., Kamintsky, L., Vazquez, O., Milikovsky, D. Z., Alexander, A., … Kaufer, D.

Losartan prevents acquired epilepsy via TGF-β signaling suppression. (2014) Annals of Neurology. Bar-Klein, G., Cacheaux, L. P., Kamintsky, L., Prager, O., Weissberg, I., … Kaufer, D., Friedman, A.

Juvenile exposure to acute traumatic stress leads to long-lasting alterations in grey matter myelination in adult female but not male rats. (2021) Neurobiol Stress. Breton J.M., Barraza M, Hu K.Y., Frias S.J., Long KLP, Kaufer D.

Stress, social behavior, and resilience: insights from rodents. (2015) Neurobiol Stress. Beery AK, Kaufer D.

Stress and glucocorticoids promote oligodendrogenesis in the adult hippocampus. (2014) Mol Psychiatry. Chetty S, Friedman AR, Taravosh-Lahn K, Kirby ED, Mirescu C, Guo F, Krupik D, Nicholas A, Geraghty A, Krishnamurthy A, Tsai MK, Covarrubias D, Wong A, Francis D, Sapolsky RM, Palmer TD, Pleasure D, Kaufer D.

Acute stress enhances adult rat hippocampal neurogenesis and activation of newborn neurons via secreted astrocytic FGF2. (2013
) Elife. Kirby ED, Muroy SE, Sun WG, Covarrubias D, Leong MJ, Barchas LA, Kaufer D.


Select Stress Publications

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